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Services and Pricing: R.I. Lead Inspection

Notebook and Pen Image The world is full of enough surprises for landlords — we believe our services and pricing should NOT be among them. We are proud of our competitive pricing and superior service. So much so in fact, that unlike others, we’ve posted them on the web. At RI Lead Techs, we strive to make every aspect of the inspection process straightforward for property owners. Please call for Pricing 401-475-5858.

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Pre-Inspection Walk-Thru: Please Call

If you want to dramatically improve the likelihood of passing your inspection on the first try, we can send a Licensed Technician out to your property to meet with you and show you what an inspector will be looking for, the needs of a particular property, the scope of an inspection, preparation procedures for inspections, and answer any other questions about the Rhode Island lead laws. This service is not always necessary for property owners on their second or third inspection, but we highly recommended a Pre-Inspection Walk-Thru for a landlord who has never had a property inspected.

Follow Up Visit: Please Call

Sometimes a property doesn’t pass on the inspector’s first visit. In order to complete the certification process, a second site visit is needed. In these situations, the inspector will simply verify that the needed repairs have been made and take the necessary lab samples to sign off on the certificate.