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Preparing For Lead Inspection RI

A Licensed Rhode Island Lead Inspector can help landlords successfully complete the inspection process and meet the requirements of the new Lead Hazard Mitigation Law. Preparation is the key. Listed below is a step-by-step process that will ensure a successful inspection.

Take the Course
The first step to a successful Clearance Inspection is for each landlord, property manager, and realtor to take the three hour Lead Hazard Awareness Class. Rhode Island Lead Technicians is a state-certified provider of this course and offers lead paint safety classes every week.

Construction WorkerPre-Inspection Checklist
Property owners should next visually inspect each of their apartments to determine what (if any) repairs need to be done and decide whether they can be done by the owner or a licensed Lead Hazard Contractor will be required to being the property up to compliance. Use our checklist to guide you through the process

Pre-Inspection Walk-Thru
Some landlords prefer to have an inspector do a site visit to help. Rhode Island Lead Technicians offers a pre-inspection walk-thru to assist with this evaluation process and answer any site-specific  questions. To schedule a Pre-Inspection Walk-Thru, contact us at 401-475-5858.

Make Spot Repairs
Under the new Lead Hazard Mitigation Law, landlords can do spot removal and repair of lead painted surfaces. The three hour Lead Mitigation Act course covers how to do this safely and effectively.

Talk with Tenants
One important thing to do prior to an inspection is to communicate with the tenants. Important points should include:
  • Ample notification that the inspector is coming
  • Each apartment takes about 30 minutes to inspect
  • An inspection requires us to look in every room and closet in the apartment
  • Someone (either tenant or owner) needs to be home while the inspection is underway

Clean ApartmentCleaning
Each inspection includes the obtaining of three dust wipes on window sills, floors or other surfaces in each apartment. Cleanliness is therefore critical to passing on the first attempt. Land owners and tenants should see that all window sills, window wells, floors and carpets are wet-cleaned thoroughly before the inspections.  We recommend using a detergent that includes phosphates like Cascade or TSP.