Lead Paint Compliance.
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Rhode Island
L E A D   T E C H N I C I A N S

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R.I. Lead Paint Compliance

Making Repairs: Lead Paint Safety in Rhode Island

The rules for doing construction work on a pre-1978 Rhode Island property are different for the interior and the exterior of the property.

Interior Lead Paint Work
When doing inside work in a pre-1978 house, contractors who are disturbing more than two square feet of painted surface that is either lead-based paint or paint with an unknown lead content, should be giving owners and residents the EPA "Protect Your Family" booklet and documenting the disclosure with the EPA Confirmation of Receipt of Lead Pamphlet form. A copy of this completed form should be retained for at least three years. Work on common areas trigger the requirement to disclose in this way to all tenants in the multi-family home whose units are connected to the common areas.

Exterior Lead Paint Work
Exterior Work on a pre-1978 Rhode Island home that will disturb greater than 15 square feet of lead-based paint requires notification under Rhode Island's Department of Environmental Management Regulation #24. It states that a notice should be given to residents and neighbors within 50 feet of the building, 5 days in advance of the start of the work. Retain a copy of the notice distributed for 3 years.
Protect Your Family From Lead In Your House (English) EPA Confirmation of Receipt of Lead Inspection

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your House (Spanish) DEM Reg #24 Notice