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Lead Paint Expert Witness Services

Kent Ackley, President Rhode Island Lead Technicians, Inc. Kent Ackley, President and founder of Rhode Island Lead Technicians, has been a resource for litigants and policy makers since 2004. His expert tesitimony and litigation consulting experience has helped decision makers, plaintiffs and defendants resolve their lead paint cases successfully. He specializes in:

  • Lead paint litigation
  • RRP disputes
  • Lead paint contamination cases
  • Renovation matters
  • Deposition for lead paint cases
  • Lead paint inspection disputes
  • Evidence analysis for lead paint cases
  • Lead poisoning case consulting
  • Testimony for lead paint matters
  • Professional opinions on lead paint disputes
  • Review of HUD Chapter 5 Inspections
  • Evaluation of Risk Assessment quality
  • Analysis of HUD Chapter 7 Inspections

Mr. Ackley is a graduate of Brown University with an A.B. degree in Economics. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Bryant University.

Kent Ackley is experienced as a licensed Rhode Island Environmental Lead Inspector and lead paint trainer. He has trained dozens of lead paint inspectors, personally inspected over one thousand dwellings, has supervised the inspection of over ten thousand dwellings, and has trained tens of thousands property owners, real estate agents, insurance professionals, and contractors in accredited classes on lead paint safety.

Mr. Ackley has provided testimony for the Corporations and Finance Committees of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, has offered deposition for matters before the Rhode Island Supreme Court, has advised the Superior Court Special Master on abatement program planning, has been deposed by the Rhode Island Attorney General on lead paint matters, and was appointed commissioner on the Rhode Island Attorney General's committee for lead paint law enforcement. He currently serves as President of the Lead and Environmental Hazards Association, a professional association of lead paint inspectors, contractors, researchers, and laboratories with over 100 members located across the country.

Kent Ackley offers his expertise and professionalism to lead paint litigation across the country.