Lead Paint Compliance.
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L E A D   T E C H N I C I A N S

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Maintaining your Certficates of Conformance or Presumptive Compliance Certficates involves ongoing inspections. Lead-safe certficates might save money and make compliance simple.

One Comprehensive Inspection can get some dwellings off the re-inspection treadmill. The RI Department of Health allows "Everlasting" Lead Safe certficates to be awarded to buildings that:

  • Show no signs of lead paint on our XRF instruments.
  • Have intact paint.
  • Have no other lead hazards on the property.
"Everlasting" Lead Safe certificates are exempt from re-inspection for as long as you own the property. New property owners can restart an "Everlasting" Lead Safe certificate with a single clearance exam per unit.

This approach can be a cost effective alternative for properties that regularly re-inspect. Because the evaluation is required only once, lifetime ownership costs are substantially lower. Additionally, there are no more annual visits to be scheduled or disruptions to resident's privacy.

Many apartment building managers prefer "Everlasting" Certificates because quantity discounts can make the inspection savings add up. Prices go as low as $125 per unit for very large apartment buildings.